Paper Bag Making Combo Machines

Paper Bag Making Combo Machines

42" Paper Bag Creasing Machine

  •  we are using high-speed steel roller and cutters creasing & perforation up to 400 GSM.
  • Pull up and pull out rubber rollers,machine weight 200kgs, we are using single, phase motor 0.5 Hp
  • We are using male & female type creasing,moving wheels also

Paper Bag Side Pasting and Bottom Pasting Machine

  • Easily removable rollers & easy to wash, low maintenance
  • Use any GSM paper and boards, it also suitable for strip gum,
  • We are using fully stainless steel materials
  • Minimum size 3″ bag & maximum size 20″ bag
  • Variable speed system,we are using low voltage single phase motor 0.5 Hp

"V" Creasing, Roll Pressing, Eyelet Pressing Machine

  • Minimum size 3″ bag & maximum size 20″ bag
  • “V” type creasing and cutting on the bag bottom
  • Roll pressing machine for pressing the bag after the pasting side & bottom
  • Eyelet pressing for pressing the eyelet button on bag top side, this eyelet save the handle from broken